Relationship between Sustainable Eco-Friendly Fabric Manufacturing with Versatile use of Fashion and Styles: Perspective from Clothing Fashion of Bangladesh

Tamima Sultana Munmun


Extreme perception of three seasons named summer, rainy, and winter in Bangladesh. These three seasons have a strong impact on apparel art, and actually, it is dominated by these three weather change. Although the terms fashion and style are often used together, these two words express two different meaning in every sphere. Fashion is a popular style that is accepted by a majority of the group at a particular time span. Hence, clothing fashion aims at developing versatility and creativity through apparel which is based on peoples taste, habit, history, education, tradition, and culture. If fashion designers use eco-friendly fabric for bringing diversity into apparel art which is being comfortable and attract the consumer, the demand of eco-friendly fabric would be accelerated. Versatility of fashion and style can be a dynamic medium for the sustainable eco-friendly fabric manufacturing.

Aus. & NewZe J. Soci Busi. Env. Sus. Vol 4(2), October 2018, P 58-64


Apparel Art; Weather Change; Eco-friendly Fabric; Sustainable; Fabric Manufacturing

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