Level of Knowledge about Climate Change: A Study on the People of Dhaka City

Karisma Amjad


The study was a descriptive type of cross-sectional study conducted at Dhaka to assess the level of knowledge on climate change of the people with a purposive sample size of 50. Nearly half of the respondents heard about the global warming. A major portion of the respondents agreed to include the climate change in school curriculum. Most of the respondents strongly decided that the world climate is changing, but it was due to human behavior and strongly believed that developed and industrialized countries are mainly responsible. Nearly, every respondent strongly settled for the need to take measure to reduce or prevent climatic change and approved on awareness creation to cope with climate change. TV and radio was the most important source of information about global warming. The association between educational level and knowledge on climate change was found to be significant. As the climate change has already put a devastating impact on survival on people and environment, so effective action plan needs to create awareness to control the impact on environment and creates awareness about the adverse effects of it on the globe

Aus. & NewZe J. Soci Busi. Env. Sus. Vol 5(1), April 2019, P 1-10


Climate change, Environmental up gradation, Knowledge, Livelihood of people

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